Who We Are

Life is rather random and so is our origin story. In 2017, a small group of friends decided to take a chance that others would be able to get down with our crazy idea: you don’t need to be a Fortune 100 company, a massive charity, or in the top tax bracket to help out those in need. We figured if we could use the efforts of those who move us as an inspirational backdrop, maybe we could make a little bit of a difference in the world, no matter how small it may be. On a weekday afternoon run, under the bridge you see below, the idea for Bridge Brigade was born, the OG brigaders rounded up, and wheels were set into motion. 

Bridge Commanders:

  • Caitlin Eggl – Creative Director
  • Dave Mackey – Chief Financial Officer
  • Evan ‘Maxwell’ Gailey – Director of Strategic Partnerships, Wheelman
  • Joe Klocke – In-House Counsel, Director of Brand Strategy
  • Nick DeMarchi – Director of Community Outreach
    • No one better embodies the concept of a brigadier more than our guy Nick. In 2017, while living in Boston, he heard what we were doing and asked how he could get involved. His desire to make an impact rivaled our own and he was able to gather donations from colleagues, family, and friends in our “Boston chapter” and hand them out for two years. The first year, he did so with his pregnant wife on a frigidly cold day but nothing was going to stop him from helping those in need. The second year, he convinced his company to provide drink tickets at their holiday party to anyone who donated a coat and generated over 100 donations for the homeless of Boston. We’re thrilled he’s since returned to Chicago and ready to bring that drive for change to the team here!
  • Patrick Clore – CIO (Chief Idea Officer)
The bridge that inspired a movement
Fullerton Ave. Chicago, IL 60647