Our Operation Warmth winter clothing drive is back!

It only is possible with YOUR help and that is never lost on us.

On Saturday, January 19th, 2019* we will be hitting the streets of Chicago once again to hand out the clothing items received from our amazing supporters. Up until that date we will take any and all winter clothing items you all have to spare for those in need. You can visit our ‘Operation Warmth’ tab to learn more and see the impact that our brigade was able to make in 2017. We’re looking to distribute over 500+ items of warmth to the homeless of Chicago and need your help to make it happen! If you’d like to contribute please give us a shout and we’ll coordinate a way to retrieve your items whether your in the city or suburbs. 

*our original intent was to distribute all collected items on 12/15/18, but due to a partnership we developed with a Chicagoland High Schol’s wrestling program (Lockport Porters) which happened to be on that same day, we elected to postpone until January in order to process their generious contributions to our efforts.

What exactly is happening here?

Simple People, Doing A Simple Thing

What started out as a summer of exploration and music amongst friends turned into something much greater. At the heart of our adventures is a love for both the music & the city we’re fortunate to call home. We drew inspiration from many sources, including a local man who tends to sport a 3 hat, but at our core we believe that every person can make an impact on their hometown if they just care enough to take that chance. This city is more than just the place we pay taxes to, it’s home. It’s the streets on which we run, it’s the spots we eat and play, it’s the place our inspirations derive from,  and it’s the stages our idols rock out. We BELIEVE in this city and we BELIEVE that everyone in it deserves the chance to pursue their own dreams!


Yeah, but no, like what are you all DOING though….

What that first paragraph didn’t answer your question? Fair enough. If you navigate up top and click those buttons you can brush up on where we’ve been. Acts I and II were possible solely because of the kindness and loving hearts of those who pick up what we’re trying to lay down. Acts III – C will follow that same logic. Our goal is to simply serve as the BRIDGE between people who are doing dope things, people who have an interest in supporting such things,  and most importantly people in need.  We firmly believe that you don’t need to be a massive 501c3, school, government-sponsored agency, or religious group to make an impact. You can just be a good person with other good people and get it done. We’re hoping to prove that theory as a charity in Chicago and would love for you to be a part of it.